Do Online Slot Machines Have Cheat Codes?

Methods of cheating slot machines, such as using a specific sequence of coins, stringed coins, and special wires, are the subject of this in-depth study.

Slot Machine Online Cheats

Everyone is curious as to whether or if there are legitimate slot cheats available, even though half the casino guests will deny it. It’s exciting to hit a winning combination of buttons and drop in coins in a slot machine. Can you use a secret code to win at slot machines? Can slot gamers overcome the game’s inherent randomness?

Nothing in this essay or on our site should be interpreted as a call to cheat. This is a fun read on the various ways people have hacked slot machines and the tools they’ve used to do it. According to this article, attempting to cheat or manipulate slot machines is not only unethical but also illegal.

Ronald D. Harris was engaged by the Nevada Gaming Control Board in the 1990s to investigate any vulnerabilities in the slot machines’ underlying software. Ronald is in charge of scouring slot machines in all Las Vegas hotels and casinos for a loophole that dishonest players might use. Because of his position, he is privy to the slot’s RNG source code and can use this knowledge to his advantage.

With his expertise, Ronald can utilize a “cheat code” on a slot machine by placing coins in a specific order. One of the most typical examples was:

  • Sequentially letting go of three coins, two coins, two coins, one coin, three coins, and five coins.
  • His cheat codes for slot machines ensure he always wins big, making his annual salary of $48,000 seem like little change.

He teamed up with his buddy Reid McNeal to launder the money he made from fixed games and avoid detection. The strategy was straightforward: Reid would use the exploit while playing the slots in an attempt to win a few hundred dollars. Their plan was flawless, yet they made much less money than they anticipated.

After winning $100,000 on a $100 keno bet at Bally’s Park Place Hotel in Atlantic City, the two were overcome by greed and promptly lost it all. When Reid drew the attention of the casino staff, cops were dispatched to accompany him to the room where Ronald was staying. All law enforcement officials who entered the room could see Ronald’s rigging tools.

Both Ronald and Reid have been charged with attempting to commit computer fraud and cheating. Reid was offered the opportunity to have the accusations against him dropped in exchange for his testimony against Ronald.

As a result of Ronald’s greed, the Nevada Gaming Control Board instituted new recruiting policies for their software checker and mandated that all employees verify the accuracy of each other’s reports. Cheats for electronic slot machines are extremely difficult to make work without drawing attention from security personnel at the casino.

Other Ways of Winning at Slot Machines

It’s not just Ronald Harris who’s discovered unorthodox methods for beating slot machines. Some slot hacks and tactics that thieves have utilized over the past few decades are detailed below.


Using a magnet is one method of deceiving an older slot machine. Using the magnet’s pull, cheats can ensure that only the highest-paying reels fall into place on the pay line. Because the reels of traditional slot machines were magnetic, this strategy was viable. It’s crucial to remember that cheaters need to conceal their magnet use to successfully target the reels. Note that magnets are ineffective on the actual slot machines found in most casinos.


To cheat a slot machine, one can either manipulate the algorithm or the reels, or one can manipulate the coin sensor. A cheat can fool a slot machine’s sensor into thinking they dropped a legal and an illegal coin by using a coin that has been shaved. This is a transparent method for crooks to obtain free rolls.

Manufacturers of slot machines are aware of the risk that shaved coins and other forgeries pose when exploiting a flaw in the coin sensor. Modern slot machines employ light sensors to scan both sides of a coin, mitigating this issue. Those who try to scam the system by using a counterfeit coins to acquire extra spins will be caught by new light sensors.

The Light Wand

Tommy Glenn Carmichael created numerous techniques to cheat at slot machines; one of them was a light wand. The gadget is another means of fooling a game’s coin sensor, similar to using shaved coins. To cheat, the counterfoil is inserted into the coin slot and a succession of lights are flashed at the sensor. If the slot machine wand is mistaken for the sensor, the game will pay out all of the money regardless of the payout percentage.

Slot machines are protected from this strategy by not paying out cash but rather tickets. A cashier is required to convert the player’s winnings on the ticket into cash. Even the most cutting-edge slot machines can be used with real money.

Chordal Wire

A group of guys in Atlantic City, New Jersey, back in 1982 devised a strategy to steal money from a slot machine at Caesars Boardwalk Regency. One of them took apart a real one-armed bandit and wired it with a length of piano wire. Other members of the gang will play the targeted slot machine, pulling the wire to control the reels to win.

If the surveillance cameras hadn’t caught the gang in the act of manipulating the slot machine to earn a huge payment, it would have been a perfect crime. One of the members who won big at the rigged slots was detained before he even got outside to enjoy the fresh air.  That’s why even today, cameras can help catch dishonest employees.

Money Detector Machine

Electronic slot machine cheats include, among other things, trick coins and bill validator devices. The $1 and $20 bills are linked to two parts of this gadget. The slot machine read the little bill as a $100 bill when it was inserted. This strategy can be used by counterfeiters to launder money through slot machines or any other casino game.

Thankfully, casinos have updated their machines with bill acceptors after realizing the importance of avoiding counterfeit bills. New slot machines will prevent this kind of slot cheating and may even alert security to the individual inputting the bill.

Substituting Computer Chips

To understand how a slot machine works, notorious hacker Dennis Nikrasch reverse-engineered one. He brought a slot machine home and disassembled it, discovering the microchip that controls the jackpot.

After eight years of practice and assistance from other con artists, he has figured out how to break into slot machines and install a rigged chip. In one night, Dennis and his crew stole $3.7 million. Unfortunately, one of his teammates became jealous of Dennis and reported him to the police because of his modest share.

The Coin on a String

A strung coin is a traditional cheating device for use in any coin-operated machine. As soon as the coin registers on the machine’s optical sensor as a signal of money inserted, the con artist quickly removes it and tries again. Slot machines and vending machines with mechanical sensors are immune to the strung coin trick. After a wager is placed and accepted by a modern slot machine, that wager is irretrievably lost.

Codes to Win at Online Games

As the state of the art develops, so do methods for players to defraud casinos. As the popularity of online casinos grows around the world, thieves have begun targeting gambling establishments themselves.

DRBControl is an organization that has launched several malicious attacks on online casinos. They used email to target workers at an online casino using spear phishing links. By injecting a backdoor Trojan when an employee opens the link by accident, the organization can gain access to the operator’s network.

Slot machines can also be hacked using a mobile phone to determine when the random number generator is in the player’s favour. By filming or taking screenshots of the slot machine reels, they can learn the PRNG patterns with the help of a dedicated program. A cheater can use the phone’s vibrations to know when to spin the reels, giving them a significant advantage.

Over time, casino platforms have gotten better at preventing hacking. Businesses can reduce the risk of a phishing link event by keeping an eye on personnel with administrative privileges. To help detect possible cheaters, an artificial intelligence system built within the platform checks for participants with strange betting patterns. No cheats can truly work for any type of slot, so play honestly and try your luck at Slotified free online slots to get an advantage.

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