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American Football is the most popular spectator sport in the U.S. with the National Football League having the highest attendance of all the professional sports leagues in the world.  The sport is gaining in popularity worldwide and is expanding its franchise internationally and even South African punters are incrementally laying more bets on American Football games. The professional NFL comprises 32 teams including the New York Giants, Dallas Cowboys, San Francisco 49ers, Miami Dolphins and more. SportsBet covers the NFL, NCAA and other smaller football leagues where punters can lay bets with the most popular tournaments being the NFL Divisional Round, Conference Championships and the Super Bowl. 

SportsBet offers the popular Moneyline, Spread, Total markets and others in both PreMatch and Live InPlay.  SportsBet has an easy and intuitive interface and extensive documentation on how to lay bets on American Football on its website.

Can you make real money from betting?

SportsBet has a bonus of R10 free for each new sign up which a punter can use to lay American Football bets. By laying parlays, a punter can win large amounts by betting on different games in a gameweek and combining different markets.

How do you bet on American Football?

Betting on American Football with Sports Bet

  1. Select the league from the homepage
  2. Select the desired game in the selected league fixture
  3. Scroll through the available markets and select the desired market
  4. On the market, select the desired option
  5. Enter the stake (amount of money to bet)
  6. View the potential payout and lay/confirm the bet

What is the best bet in American Football?

Single bet type that punters most often play when betting on American Football

The most popular bet in American Football is betting the Spread (or Point Spread Betting). Spread betting is when a punter bets on whether a team will win or lose by a certain number of points. It allows the bookmaker to equalize uneven teams and to get more people to bet on the underdogs. 

In this type of wager, the favourite is effectively deducted points and the underdog is awarded points. These adjustments in the points are referred to as the spread.  This allows an equal amount of punters to bet on the favourite and on the underdog. 

For a wager on the favourite to payout, the favoured team must win the game by more points than the spread amount.  This is known as covering the spread. In some cases, if the game ends with the favourite team winning with an exact spread amount, the wager is refunded to the punter.

American Football betting terminology

Punters have several ways of referring to markets, bet types etc when placing bets on American Football.  These are some of the terms they use and their explanations.

  • What does “Moneyline” in American Football mean?

The Moneyline is a market in American Football that has two outcomes, Team A or Team B.  It is simply, which team will win the game?

  • What does “Futures” in American Football mean?

Futures are markets that we normally call season outrights with the most popular being Team to Win the Lombardi Trophy, MVP, Defensive Player of The Year, Offensive Rookie of the Year etc.

Sports Bet American Football Guide

How do betting payouts work on Sports Bet?

A punter with a credit balance can withdraw their winnings at any time. Once a withdrawal has been requested, SportsBet will determine if the punter is FICA (Financial Intelligence Centre Act) compliant and if so, the funds will be transferred to the punter’s bank account.  It normally takes less than 3 working days for the punter to receive their funds.

How do you read American Football odds on Sports Bet?

Punters must know how to read American Football odds before making any bet. American Football odds show how much can be won from a successful bet. They also show how likely an event is to happen. SportsBet displays all its odds in decimal format. 

Is it better to bet over or under?

Odds for Over and Under in American football will generally be the same so there is no advantage in betting on either.

What is the most profitable online betting strategy?

Betting on American Football is harder than in most sports but by using these strategies, a punter can lay smarter bets.

Research the Match Up

A punter needs to know where the game is being played as home advantage plays a big role in American Football with some teams having impressive home game statistics.  Some teams also do not travel well and have mediocre away results. Coaches also play a role with some coaches having impressive statistics against a competing coach.  Injuries will also contribute to the outcome of any game in any sport so a punter needs to research and read pre-match game reviews to garner information on player fitness and team morale.

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