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Cricket has existed as a sport for centuries and is a classic sport that spans international borders and is enjoyed worldwide. In South Africa, cricket is a popular spectator sport and also very popular with South African punters betting on all the various cricket formats i.e. Twenty20, Test and One Day International. SportsBet covers all first-class cricket tournaments including County Championship, the Sheffield Shield, Ranji Trophy, Plunket Shield, Currie Cup, Shell Shield and the Logan Cup. Punters can lay bets on the Indian Premier League (IPL), Big Bash (BBL), The Ashes, WBBL, the Cricket World Cup, ICC T20 World Cup and the ICC Champions Trophy.
Cricket is played in many countries with the most successful being Australia, India, West Indies, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, England, South Africa and New Zealand. These countries have first-class popular domestic leagues and punters can lay bets on these matches with SportsBet. The SportsBet website has a clear user interface where punters can lay bets on the Pre-match and Live InPlay Cricket markets including Match Winner, Top Batsman, Top Bowler and Outrights.

Can you make money from cricket betting?
SportsBet has a bonus of R10 free for each new sign up which a punter can use to lay Cricket bets. Large amounts can be won in Cricket by taking multiple bets (accumulators) which can be a mixture of bets on games from any sport on offer, therefore, increasing the chances of winning.

How do you bet on cricket?
Placing a cricket bet online is easy
Select the league or tournament from the homepage
Select the desired match in the selected tournament fixture
Scroll through the available markets and select the desired market
On the market, select the desired option
Enter the stake (amount of money to bet)
View the potential payout and lay/confirm the bet

What is the best bet in cricket?
The most popular cricket market is Match Betting. This is a simple bet where a punter predicts the outcome of a cricket match, whether the Home Team or Away Team will win or the match will end in a draw. Note that the draw option is mostly for Test Matches as Limited Overs matches always have a final winner. This bet type is very popular as it is the easiest to understand for even the greenest of punters.

Cricket betting terminology
Acronyms, slang, phrases or betting terminology used by cricket punters in South Africa.
Punters have several ways of referring to markets, bet types etc when placing bets. These are some of the terms they use and their explanations.
What does “ODI” in cricket mean?
ODI stands for One Day International which is a limited overs cricket match played between two international sides in 8 hours. The teams are each limited to bowling 50 overs in an inning and the Cricket World Cup that is played every 4 years is of this format.
What does “LBW” in cricket mean?
LBW stands for Leg Before Wicket which is one way a batsman can be dismissed in a cricket match. A batsman is adjudged LBW by an umpire if a pitched ball strikes the batsman’s body when its path would have the ball striking the wicket (stumps and bails).

SportsBet Cricket Guide
How do cricket betting payouts work on Sports Bet?
A punter with a credit balance can withdraw their winnings at any time. Once a withdrawal has been requested, SportsBet will determine if the punter is FICA (Financial Intelligence Centre Act) compliant and if so, the funds will be transferred to the punter’s bank account. It normally takes less than 3 working days for the punter to receive their funds.

What is a betting spread in cricket?
In Cricket, spread betting is a way of betting on whether an outcome will happen or not. SportsBet will predict a Batsman’s Runs as a range (eg. 43-49) and the punter will bet on whether the batsman will score higher or lower than the spread (43-49). The winnings or loss will be determined by the actual batman’s run to score after his/her dismissal.
How do you read cricket odds on Sports Bet?
Punters must know how to read Cricket betting odds before laying any bet. Cricket odds show how much can be won from a successful bet. They also show how likely an event is to happen. SportsBet displays all its odds in decimal format.

Is it better to bet over or under?
Over/Under in Cricket can be influenced by physical factors such as the weather, the pitch, the crease and the field. The format of the match also plays a role in the determination of the Over/Under market but generally, the punter has to make a decision by analysing the physical factors and the batsman lineups, there is no better or worse option for this market.

What is the most profitable online cricket betting strategy?
The outcome of a Cricket match is determined by many and complex factors which contribute to the many markets that we offer in Cricket. Understanding the rules of cricket is an absolute must for a punter to lay informed bets as the game itself might be intimidating for some punters.
Study the Team Form
A team with batsmen who are in form and posting big scores in the last few matches is likely to continue posting big scores. It holds the same importance for bowlers as well and the punter has to know the type of surface (location) that the bowlers will be playing and how well they do on such surfaces. If the surface is spinner friendly then the punter has to determine how effective the team will be from its line-up of bowlers (how many spin bowlers are included in the team?).
The weather conditions play a significant effect on the outcome of a Cricket match. Dry, sunny conditions usually favour the batting side while cloudy overcast conditions will be an advantage for the bowling team. This is especially important in Test matches as one side can spend an entire day bowling or batting so a punter needs to know the conditions for each day of the Test match.

Specialize in One Form of Cricket
Test cricket is played using very different strategies from the limited-overs matches hence a punter needs to study and specialize in one form of the game. A punter needs to focus on one form of Cricket and understand all its rules, idiosyncrasies and markets and use this knowledge to lay informed bets.

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