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Darts is a traditional pub game but has developed into a professional shooting sport with both professional and amateur organizations with standardized formats and equipment. The British Darts Organisation and the Professional Darts Corporation are the two major professional darts organisations with the PDC hosting tournaments like the World Championship, Premier League, UK Open, World Grand Prix and the Grand Slam of Darts. Darts is very popular in the U.K. with players like Phil Taylor, Gary Anderson, Peter Wright and Gerwyn Price having dominated the records and honours. Dutch players have also come to dominate with the likes of Raymond van Barneveld, Christian Kist and the current world number 1, Michael van Gerwen while other European countries are seeing a surge in the number of Darts players.

SportsBet offers many markets in Darts including Winner, Total Sets, Total 180s, Set Handicap and other markets. South African punters can lay bets on Darts on the SportsBet website where all the international major and most minor tournaments are available on a clean and intuitive interface.

Can you make money from darts betting?

SportsBet.co.za offers a bonus of R10 for each new player sign up which you can use to lay Darts bets online. Large amounts can be won in rugby by taking multiple bets (accumulators) which can be a mixture of bets on games from any sport on offer, therefore, increasing chances of winning.

How do you bet on darts?

Placing a bet on darts games

  1. Select the tournament from the homepage
  2. Select the desired game in the selected tournament 
  3. Scroll through the available markets and select the desired market
  4. On the market, select the desired option
  5. Enter the stake (amount of money to bet)
  6. View the potential payout and lay/confirm the bet

What is the best bet in darts?

Single bet type that darts punters most often play when betting on darts

The most popular bet type in Darts is the Outright Winner.  Many Darts tournaments are typically a few weeks long and at the beginning of the tournament bookmakers typically offer high odds for the favourites because the game itself is very unpredictable.  Tournament Outrights offer better odds than a Match Winner bet. 

Darts betting terminology

Darts betting terminology is frequently used by darts punters in South Africa.

Punters have several ways of referring to markets, bet types etc when placing bets.  These are some of the terms they use and their explanations.

  • What does “Checkout” in darts mean?

The final visit by a player to the oche (the line which darts players stand behind when throwing darts) when he/she wins the leg.  When a player wins a leg in a darts game, the final throwing visit is called the checkout and the final points are called checkout score.

  • What does “9 dart finish” in darts mean?

The 9 dart finish is the perfect score in a game of 501 where a player uses the minimum number of darts to finish the leg.  A player who uses just 9 darts to finish a leg in Darts is said to have managed a 9 dart finish or achieved a 9 darter.

Sports Bet Darts Guide

How do darts betting payouts work on Sports Bet?

A punter with a credit balance can withdraw their winnings at any time. Once a withdrawal has been requested, SportsBet will determine if the punter is FICA (Financial Intelligence Centre Act) compliant and if so, the funds will be transferred to the punter’s bank account.  It normally takes less than 3 working days for the punter to receive their funds.

How do you read darts odds on Sports Bet?

Punters must know how to read Darts betting odds before making any bet. Darts odds show how much can be won from a successful bet. They also show how likely an event is to happen. SportsBet displays all its odds in decimal format. 

Is it better to bet over or under?

Odds for Over and Under in Darts will generally be the same so there is no advantage in betting on either.

What is the most profitable online darts betting strategy?

Research 3 common betting strategies for darts.

Betting on Darts, especially the game Winner offers lower odds than most sports but by using these strategies, a punter can lay smarter bets.

Play the Accumulators

In Darts, the favourites have lower odds per game so a punter can increase his/her odds by betting on multiple game-winners in an accumulator.  During a tournament, a punter can win before the tournament is over by laying an accumulator on the tournament games.

The Checkout

There are some darts players who are masters at checking out and will hinge their whole game on the checkout.  A punter can make informed bets on the Live InPlay game-winner market by finding out how each darts player has mastered the checkout.

InPlay Markets

Darts is a fast-moving game with constantly changing dynamics with rapidly fluctuating Live markets which can pay a punter with no regard to the eventual game-winner. A punter can hedge on these Live markets and come out a winner during a game without picking the correct game-winner.  These Live InPlay markets include Checkout Over/Under, Correct Score, Next Leg Winner and Handicap Winner.

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