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At SportsBet we offer some of South Africa’s best odds in Golf betting.  Golf is a very popular spectator sport and also with South African golf punters online. Every week, there are tournaments held internationally and at SportsBet we offer betting on these golf tournaments. Our website offers a convenient way of betting on these tournaments with these popular markets including Outright Winner, First Round Leader, Top 3, Top 5, Top 10 Finish.  We also offer the option to lay 2-Ball, 3-Ball and Head to Head bets.

SportsBet covers golf betting on the men’s professional tours with the most popular ones being the PGA Tour, PGA European Tour, Japan Golf Tour and the South African Sunshine Tour. For betting on the ladies there is the LPGA Tour, Ladies European Tour, LPGA of Japan Tour and the ALPG Tour based in Australia.  

Every 2 years, one of the most popular golf betting events includes the prestigious men’s Ryder Cup is offered with some exotic markets including Nationality, Top Country and Top European while the Women’s Solheim Cup is played on alternate years.

With SportsBet a punter can bet on all the men’s Majors which are available year-round, i.e. Masters Tournament, PGA Championship, U.S. Open and the Open Championship. The ladies Majors are also covered by SportsBet including the Women’s British Open, Women’s PGA Championship, U.S. Women’s Championship, Kraft Nabisco Championship and the Evian Championship.  For the seniors (above 50 years old and above), there is The Tradition, Senior PGA Championship, U.S. Senior Open, Senior Players Championship and the Senior Open Championship.

Can you make money from golf betting?

Every new sign up with SportsBet gets a free R10 registration bonus which can be used to lay bets in Golf.  Betting on Tournament Outrights has the potential to payout large amounts as the odds rapidly increase from the tournament favourite to the underdogs and a punter can win bigger payouts.  

How do you bet on golf?

Placing a golf bet on

  1. Select the tournament from the homepage
  2. If playing the Outright market, select the Outright Winner from the list of players
  3. When playing the 3-Ball Market, Select the winner from each match-up of 3 players.
  4. Enter the stake (amount of money to bet)
  5. View the potential payout and lay/confirm the bet

What is the best bet in golf?

The best bet market in Golf is the Outright Winner and taking this bet early offers the best Odds.  Before the tournament starts, odds are normally higher and the potential payout is bib on this market.

Golf betting terminology

Punters have several ways of referring to markets, bet types etc when placing Golf bets or referring to the game itself.  These are some of the terms they use and their explanations.

  • What does “Make the Cut” in Golf mean?

In golf, a cut off score is used to determine the players who will proceed to the next round.  When a player exceeds this score and proceeds to the next round in the tournament, they are deemed to have Made The Cut. There is a market to bet on a player to Make The Cut.

  • What does “Hole in One” in Golf mean?

Also known as an Ace, a Hole On One is when the golf ball is struck from the Tee and ends up in the cup without being struck again. A punter can bet on whether there will be a Hole In One during the tournament.  Most tournaments also offer unique prizes for a player making a Hole In One-shot including brand new vehicles, luxury watches, cash and more.

  • What does “Each Way” in Golf mean?

An Each Way bet is actually two bets in one.  The punter who places an Each Way bet on a player lays two bets, one for the player to win, and the second, for the player to place. Placing is when a player comes in the Top 3 , Top 5, Top 6 or Top 10 in a tournament.

Sports Bet Golf Guide

How do golf betting payouts work on Sports Bet?

A punter with a credit balance can withdraw their winnings at any time. Once a withdrawal has been requested, SportsBet will determine if the punter is FICA (Financial Intelligence Centre Act) compliant and if so, the funds will be transferred to the punter’s bank account.  It normally takes less than 3 working days for the punter to receive their funds.

What is a betting spread in golf?

SportsBet will make some predictions on a tournament and the punter will bet on whether the prediction done by SportsBet is too high or too low.  

The Finishing Position market allows a punter to bet on whether a player will finish in the range predicted by SportsBet,  Higher or Lower. (E.g. SportsBet might have Louis Oosthuizen 10-15, the punter will bet on whether Louis Oosthuizen will finish Lower, Higher or in the range 10-15).

How do you read golf odds on Sports Bet?

Punters must know how to read Golf betting odds before making any bet. Golf odds show how much can be won from a successful bet. They also show how likely an event is to happen. SportsBet displays all its odds in decimal format. In the Outright Winner market, all the players have Odds that will be changing during the course of the Tournament.

What is the most profitable online golf betting strategy?

The most common betting strategy for golf betting involves the current form of the player and the player’s history at that particular course.  Some players have favourite courses and seem to thrive on the course and inversely they may have courses where they perform poorly no matter their current form.  Betting strategies in golf are always going to involve knowledge of current player form and history with the current course.

Player Form

Golf is played weekly and players who consistently place high will have a greater chance of winning their next tournament.  A player in form is likely to have short odds while a struggling player will have longer odds.  It is very rare for an out of form player to win a tournament because, in Golf, consistency usually pays off.

Course Form

Some players are consistently better at some courses because they are comfortable with the course conditions.  Factors affecting course form include, how dry the green is, the break and grain of the golf green and some players thrive in windy conditions.  A punter needs to evaluate players’ previous results at a particular course to be able to make informed bets on a tournament.

The physical layout of the course might also suit some players where conditions such as long straight fairways will suit long driving players.

Betting Each Way

After determining Player Form and Course Form, a punter can minimize losses by betting Each Way.  An Each Way bet is two bets in one where a punter bets on a player to win and to place (end the tournament in the Top 5). This is a safe bet with the potential to increase a punter’s payout if the selected player wins because the punter will have a winning bet each way (win and place!).

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