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Horse Racing is one of the oldest betting sports practised by modern man. The sport has not changed much in essence since time immemorial and has held its allure and excitement till today. It is a sport that is held in high regard by punters in South Africa and has attested by the volume of bets and wagers made by horse betting punters. SportsBet offers to wager on Horse Racing in South Africa, Australia, Hong Kong, UK, Ireland, France, Sweden, UAE, Singapore, USA and several other popular horse racing countries. 

We offer both Open Bets (Tote based) and Fixed Odds betting (Win, Place, Swinger, Exacta, Double, Trifecta, Quartet, All To Come, EachWay, Pick 3, Bipot, Pick 6, Jackpot, Place Accumulator, Yankee/Patent). Bets can be taken on our website and these markets are readily accessible in a well laid out and easy to navigate format.

SportsBet covers all the prestigious horse racing events such as the Royal Ascot (UK), Cheltenham (UK), Grand National (UK), Breeder’s Cup (USA), Dubai World Cup Carnival (UAE), Melbourne Cup (Aus), Belmont Stakes (USA), Preakness Stakes (USA), Kentucky Derby (USA) as well as our own South African Durban July, the Met, Summer Cup and other feature races (SA Triple Crown, SA Triple Tiara).

Can you make money from horse racing betting?

Horse racing is a well-established betting sport and there is a lot of money to be won on the sport if you know what you are doing. Horse racing markets that pay out big dividends include the Trifecta, Quartet, Place Accumulator and the Pick 6. The odds in these markets are very high and thus the opportunity for a punter to win big exponentially increases. 

All new SportsBet horse racing punters sign-ups get a free R10 bonus that can be used as real money to bet on the many listed Horse Racing events.

How do you bet on horse racing?

Placing a horse racing bet on SportsBet

  1. Select the venue from the homepage
  2. Select the desired race in the selected venue
  3. Scroll through the available markets and select the desired market
  4. On the market, select the desired option
  5. Enter the stake (amount of money to bet)
  6. View the potential payout and lay/confirm the bet

What is the best bet in horse racing?

The most popular horse racing bet type is the Win bet.  With a Win bet the punter selects which horse will win the race and his/her winnings will be determined by the horse’s odds at the bet placement time.  The selected horse must win the race for the punter to win the bet.

Horse Racing betting terminology

The sport of Horse Racing and horse betting contains a lot of jargon that might prove confusing to the novice punter and the terms might refer to the bet types, track, equipment, jockeys or the horses themselves.

  • What does “Ante Post” in Horse Racing mean?

In Horse Racing, punters may place bets on the race before the final field of horses is declared.  This is called an Ante Post bet and has high odds but the downside is that there are no refunds in the event of the backed horse being a non-runner.

  • What does “Barrier Position” in Horse Racing mean?

Barrier Position/Draw/Lane is a horse’s position in the starting stalls.  

  • What does “Each Way” in Horse Racing mean?

Each Way is a bet type where a punter bets on a horse to win and to place (come first, second or third).  It is basically two bets in one where half the stake is a Win bet and the other half is a Place Bet.

  • What does “Race Card” in Horse Racing mean?

The Race Card is a programme that gives information on races for a scheduled meeting.  It tells the number of races, the horses in the races, horse forms, the jockeys, trainers, owners, colours, track conditions, barrier positions/draw and approximate odds.

Sports Bet Horse Racing Guide

How do horse racing betting payouts work on Sports Bet?

A punter with a credit balance can withdraw their winnings at any time. Once a withdrawal has been requested, SportsBet will determine if the punter is FICA (Financial Intelligence Centre Act) compliant and if so, the funds will be transferred to the punter’s bank account.  It normally takes less than 3 working days for the punter to receive their funds.

What is a betting spread in horse racing?

A bookmaker may allocate points to a horse by its position at the end of the race. The punter will bet on whether a horse will fall within a certain range/spread of points as proposed by the bookmaker.  The range/spread system can also be applied to the jockeys and even the distance between horses at the end of the race so spread betting can be applied to horse position (Race Index), jockeys (Jockey Index) and Winning Distance.

How do you read horse racing odds on Sports Bet?

Punters must know how to read Horse Racing betting odds before making any bet.  Horse Racing odds show how much can be won from a successful bet. They also show how likely an event is to happen. SportsBet displays all its odds in decimal format.  In parlays, the Odds will be multiplied across the races taken in a parlay (Double, Treble, Pick 6, Place Accumulator, Jackpot etc) and the punter will be presented with the final odd after his/her selections.

What is the most profitable online horse betting strategy?

The majority of horse racing punters do not do any research before backing a horse in a race but by just using the Race Card, a lot of information can be gleaned that can raise the chances of winning on bets laid. By referring to the Race Card, a punter can tell which horse is in form, which tracks surfaces it prefers, which jockeys are more experienced, which trainers get more wins and a horse’s pedigree.

Betting on proven owners

In the world of Horse Racing, some racehorse owners tend to have more winners on average.  The owner of a horse is the one who invests in factors like quality of food a horse gets, quality of accommodation and essentially the quality of the Trainer the horse will get.  Some owners seem to specialize in particular racecourses.  With due diligence, a punter can aggregate this information and increase his/her chances of picking winners at the races.

Betting on multiple horses

A punter can bet on multiple horses in a race and show a profit.  The trick is to make sure that he/she makes a profit if any one of the selected horses wins.  This might need a bit of calculation to determine the stake amount put on each horse such that a profit is realized whenever any one of the selections wins.

Research on the jockeys

Experienced jockeys tend to do better in races. By studying a jockey’s form, a punter can get information about a jockey such as their history (wins, places etc), weight, interval since their last race and results at that particular track.

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